Korean Medicine


Current status of R&D

Expansion of investment by government departments for
R&D of Korean Medicine

Expanding investment in
research and development (R&D)
part for Korean Medicine

Various governmental ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Health
and Welfare, support R&D in the field of Korean Medicine, showing increases
in annual investment amount.

  • In 2018, the total amount of R&D spending reached about 124.2 billion KRW.

(unit: 100 million KRW)

Division 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Ministry of health
and welfare
143.5 213.2 243.2 239.9 248.9
Ministry of Education
and Science Technology
656.3 682.2 678.5 677.5 789.7
Ministry of Education 38.5 38.6 45.6 49.5 76
Ministry of Trade,
Industry and Energy
71.2 63.9 58.2 18 7.5
Ministry of Oceans
and Fisheries
- - - 1.4 2
Ministry of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs
6 8.7 8 6.2 4.9
Small and Medium
Business Administration
34.1 28.5 33.6 59.4 41.9
Ministry of food
and drug safety
28.8 46.4 61.7 55.5 51.6
Rural Development
2 21.9 15.5 15.9 9.4
Korea Forest Service - 0.5 1.4 9.6 6
Multivariate ministry - - - - 4.5
Total 980.4 1103.4 1144.3 1132.9 1242.4

Annual statistics of R&D spending for Korean Medicine
by government departments

Note :

* Numbers may show slight differences from the detailed calculations, as numbers below two decimal places were rounded off.

** As it is difficult to clearly define Korean Medicine R&D, the scope of Korean Medicine R&D items were confined to include the following contents only: government research fees for Traditional Korean Medical Science according to the new National Science & Technology Standard Classification System, government research fees for advanced technology in Traditional Korean Medicine field according to the 6T classification, Korean Medicine businesses operated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine businesses, Korean Medicine R&D businesses operated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and verification projects for efficacy and mechanism of Korean Medicine according to the Key Science Technology Classification System.

Data :

National Science and Technology Knowledge Information Service(http://www.ntis.go.kr)
(Refer to the web page, policy.kiom.re.kr> (Archives)> (Statistics)> (Yearbook) DB for detailed data by year.)

Enhancing the support system
for the Korean Medicine R&D business

Support for product development

  • Both non-clinical research and clinical research for Korean herbal medicinal products and Korean Medicine devices are supported.

Support for translational research and clinical research

  • Translational research for obtaining a scientific base, clinical research, and international joint research are in progress.
  • Remarkable scientific bases from research enhance the security of Korean Medicine.

Support for the clinical infrastructure of Korean Medicine

  • In order to encourage clinical research and clinical trials, local Korean Medicine clinical centers of Kyung Hee University, Wongwang University, and Daejeon University will be supported and plans for expanding such center is in progress.
  • More clinical centers for Korean Medicine will be designated and supported to expand the scope of applications, based on the Act on the Promotion of Korean Medicine and Pharmaceuticals.

Expansion of basic technology development projects for the convergence of Western and Eastern medicine

  • Support for basic technology development projects for the convergence of Western and Eastern medicine is increasing.
  • There are efforts for discovering certain disease types suitable for joint treatment and developing a new treatment technology.