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    30 Daeposandan-ro,


Since our foundation in 2010, we have mainly focused on the quality of product, the development of latest technology and the interaction with the customer in order to produce the best possible result that globalizes the Korean Medicine. SMC is having constant agony and research of technology develo- pment, quality management with Ideology of best quality, best company, and globalization of Korean Medicine, to manufacture high quality, high class acupuncture. All the SMC products are strictly managed, manufactured as quality certification standards such KGMP, and with particular processing steps, we present elegant products to customers.In addition to that, possessing KFDA, KGMP, FDA, ISO 13485, CE and other certificates, SMC lists on the top of the chain among other corporates. Therefore, as a representative of Korean acupuncture, we feel responsible for the people's health and cure. Above all else, SMC will consistently expand the international market share with customer priority and quality product, and as an overseas exporting manufacturer, we will try to spread the development and status of Korean Medicine. Thank you.

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