1KOREAN MEDICINE opens the door to a new era for health.

KOREAN MEDICINE is here for healthier and happier lives for all of us, based on the proven record of excellence and trust in thousands of years of clinical history.

KOREAN MEDICINE is a human-centered medicine, which is based on the belief that illnesses originate from the mind and body of each person. Therefore, it is characterized by the practice of choosing the treatment and prescribing medicines following the types of each individual.

Experience the KOREAN MEDICINE, which is nature-friendly and values the people it heals.


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2We provide global medical services through customized medical tourism.

The KOREAN MEDICINE is used by seven out of every ten South Koreans. The trusted medical practices are backed by rich clinical experience, advanced medical technology, reasonable cost, fast and efficient diagnosis, and scientific infrastructure, making it a new leader in global medicine.


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  • We provide world-class medical care and services to foreign patients.

  • Easy and comprehensible medical tourism consultation

  • Medical tourism services covering various fields of medical care

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