Subian intensive owner secret dual patch

Theraject Asia Co.,Ltd

Beauty patch to provide intensive care around sensitive areas around eyes and mouth.

Main ingredient

1.Hyaluronic acid 

It prevents moisture loss and replenishes with added moisture.

2.Centella asiatica 

Known as a medicinal herb in which a wounded tiger rolled, it protects The skin from external stimuli.


Premium peptide restores the resilience from both inside and outside of the skin

How to use

1. After cleansing, keep your skin clear.

2. Carefully remove white film and transparence film from the micro structure of the patch. 

3. Apply the patch to target areas of concern and gently press down on the patch for minutes.

4. Leave in place for 1hours or more .


2patches x 4ea

테라젝아시아 MTS 마이크로니들 micro patchs


Therajectasia’s cosmetic brand, Subian, means a face with a beautiful secret in Chinese, and it has selectively applied the original technology of Theraject Asia, a beauty secret that counters the flow of time and age. Subian is a combination brand of the first designed microneedle in Korea.

The microneedle structure was stabilized by using the Structure molding Tech developed in 2019. In 2020, this structure was applied with our technology to control compound stabilizing ingredients that are toxic to the human body while increasing the concentration of desired active ingredients. As a result, the ‘Owner Secret Needle Patch’ was born as an improved, efficacious microneedle yet stable.

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