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HanPoong Kong Jin Dan

Hanpoong Pharm. Co Ltd,.

- Deer antler, Angelica, Musk, Cornelian cherry, Prepared rehmannia

- For treating constitutional weakness, lethargy, and loss of energy from a chronic illness 

- For treating vertigo due to liver condition, headache, chronic fatigue, and menstrual irregularities 

- Take 3 pills three times a day 


The prescription “Gongjindan (拱辰丹)” is popular in Korea and is said to have originated in the book “Effective Recipes of Physicians of This World (Shiyi Dexiao Fang, 世醫得效方)” from the Yuan dynasty of China. It is a popular medicine known to improve chronic fatigue syndrome, strengthen the liver weakened by frequent drinking, improve memory among students preparing for exams and office workers under stress, prevent aging and diseases, restore energy after an illness, and improve constitutional weakness.

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