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Jahayun Obesity/Immune/Stress care program

Jahayun Korean Medical Clinic
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- The Jahayun Tour program is for patients who need obesity, immunity, and stress management.

- Obesity is a program that organically connects body and mind treatment, not just prescribing diet herbal medicines through body composition analysis, body temperature diagnosis, body temperature test, and psychological test.

- Immune management is prescribing the Bosim, Chungsim, Ansim according to the patient's condition which contains treatment principles of Jahayun what controls emotions by coordinating the heart.

- Stress management is a program that helps you manage through Jeongsimgo, which contains Jahayun's treatment principles, and personalized herbal medicine prescriptions for each patient.

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Jahayun Korean Medical Clinic

327, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. (Sinsa-dong)

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Foreign patients, accompanying families, and caregivers can issue medical tourism visas with C-3-3 (short-term to 90 days) or G-1-10 (more than 91 days to 1 year).Go

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