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Dongje Medical Co., Ltd.

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Cettum Moxibustion Electric Moxibustion Prescription Analysis Electric Massager
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    Lee Byung-wook
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    Manufacturing, Service
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    Health equipment,Medical equipment,Etc
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    46 Jibum-ro


Dongje Medical Co., Ltd. started in 2012as PNU Dongje Medical, which was affiliated witha technical holding company of Pusan National University. At the time, the president of the company, Lee Byung-wook, introduced the electric moxibustion devicecalled “Cettum” as the company’s first project using Korean medicinal technology, after which moxibustion devices in the Korean medicine industry came to be stabilized. In 2016, former president Lee acquired shares and changed the company name to Dongje Medical Co., Ltd. The company improved functions of electric moxibustion devices, researched warm-needling devices, and established a database on Korean medicine; it has since continued research to connect the basic theories of Korean medicine and clinical tests. Currently,Dongje Medical is researching and developing medical devices related to moxibustion as well as industrialization in the field of knowledge digitization, such as prescription analysis systems. We at Dongje Medical sincerely seek your interest and support.

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