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Address81 Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon.


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uilding upon years of clinical studies, hospital training, and medical experience, we provide professional and rational Traditional Korean Medicine treatment as well as evidence-based medicine.
With the latest concoction system and a clean-chain agreement with Omni-Herb, the largest organic medicinal herb supplier in South Korea, we provide our customers with carefully prepared concoctions made from GMP-certified herbs and materials that are free of insecticides or heavy metals.

The symptoms and diseases most of our patients have and are satisfied with our results with:
1. Car accident clinic (physical therapy ICT SSP, acupuncture, cupping, bee acupuncture/herbal acupuncture, electronic moxibustion, patches, and taping therapy, etc.)
2. Acute/chronic pain clinic (the effectiveness is further enhanced using the bee acupuncture/herbal acupuncture from Jaseng’s EHD.)
3. All herbal medicines we prescribe are prepared in our clinic by the hands of our specialist female doctor as a principle. We provide personalized concoction prescriptions to each of our patients to ensure satisfaction and success in treatment. (We are the clinic that was visited by the most patients, who were satisfied with the results, over seven years.)
: Diet concoction/ diet pallets (No-appetite pallets/pink pallets)
Child growth concoction/sinusitis/atopic dermatitis/tick syndrome/enuresis
Post-natal concoction for women/Post-natal blood replenishment concoction/post-miscarriage concoction/pregnancy-preparation concoction/climacterium concoction
Concoction for students/prescriptions for not only high-school students but also adults preparing for employment exams/Gongjindan for students preparing for important exams
Concoctions for man’s stamina/Sahyang Gongjindan/Mokhyang Gongjindan/Kyungokgo and Kyungokgo pallets
Concoction for treating blushing/acne/seborrheic dermatitis and scalpitis/rash
The most fundamental and effective Traditional Korean Medicine cosmetic A-MTS and Jeongan Acupuncture Clinic
Our Cosmetic Clinic provides treatment by the head doctor directly with utmost care to give you the best effects.
4. A-MTS Clinic: acne, acne scars/ follicle reduction / fine wrinkles / enhancement of skin firmness
Jeongan Acupuncture Clinic: Sticking more than 200 needles on the muscles and acupunctural points on your face to improve asymmetrical face/pain in jaw joint/face contour.

We insist personalized care in our acupuncture, concoction, herbal acupuncture, bee acupuncture, physical therapy, and cupping as our core value.
Departments: Traditional Korean Medicine internal medicine, car accident, pediatric clinic, gynecological clinic, psychiatric clinic, pain, skin diseases, and Traditional Korean Medicine cosmetic treatment

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TEL 032-215-1075

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