• Name of the CEO

    Park sung ha
  • Area

    Product production and training for medical and health care
  • Key product

    Health equipment,Medical equipment
  • A number of products registered

  • Address

    205 Uam-ro,


Daerim Healthcare is a manufacturer specializing in healthcare products with six patents related to healthcare products. We develop medical platforms and supply and educate hospitals with necessary products. Patented products apply original hematologic therapy worldwide in a non-invasive way to nerves and muscles. Therefore, pain and edema are greatly reduced immediately after treatment, and it is safe and has no resistance, so it is receiving great response from oriental doctors and patients. Even for patients before and after surgery, easy care can be achieved for more than 30 minutes through easy care within 5 minutes. It is an innovative product that can be used not only for all musculoskeletal diseases but also for visceral diseases, so it can be used with saliva, and each person finds a target box of different blood easily and quickly, increasing the efficiency of saliva.

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