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1. Introduction of treating medical personnel

Representative director Seong Eun-i

After obtaining a Chinese traditional medicine license from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the doctor graduated from the School of Korean Medicine of Semyung University. Now, the doctor is currently running Doandda Korean Medicine Clinic in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon. With three KM doctors and
six staff members, the clinic serves about 50 to 60 patients every day, mainly focusing on musculoskeletal diseases and weight loss (obesity).

As for the related overseas experience, the doctor finished Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and obtained a Chinese Medicine license, which was followed by traditional medical practices and internship in Dongzhimen Hospital and China-Japan Friendship Hospital.

2. Introduction to medical institutions
With 15 beds and three KM doctors and 7 staff members, we are serving our patients. Recently, we expanded our clinic to some of the third-floor area due to the increased number of patients. In the new clinical space on the third floor, we introduced BioPhoton, a medical device that increases the body
heat, and Coolthera, a cooling-based obesity treatment device. Also, we prescribe traditional medicines for weight loss, providing our patients with personalized weight-loss care.

Medical information and contact information

TEL 032-710-8251

Medical field

Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine, Obesity

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