Iksu Kong Jin-dan Suspension

Iksu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

‘Kong-jin’ represents the various effects of medicine, meaning “hugging time in your arms,” or eternal life.

Kong Jin-dan orginated from a book on medicine called

“Shiyi Daxiaofang” during the Yuan Dynasty of China.

It is a medicine dedicated to the emperor, and its effectiveness is recognized in various later documents.

Accorging to the records of the “Donguibogam” and “Bangyakhappyeon”, it improves weak constitution, improves liver function, facilitates the flow of blood throughout the body, and solidifies natural energy.

Iksu Kong Jin-dan Suspension


· Active ingredients

3 bottles(150ml) contain : Musk 222mg, Cervu parvum cornu 1.333g, Angelica gigas root 1.333g, Cornus fruit 1.333g, Ginseng 1.333g, Steamed rehmannia root 1.333g


· Indication

valetudinarianism, asthenia, reduced stamina, dizziness by aggravated liver functions, headache, chronic fatigue, emmeniopathy


· Dosage regimen

adults: take 3 bottles 3 times a day before or between meals


· Additional product information

Iksu’s Kong Jin-dan suspension is a new product created by itself as a result of more than 10 years of research based on the records of “Dounguibogam”. It is the sole patent in Korea to improve the convenience of taking it while maintaining the effect with the same ingredients and content as the existing Kong Jin-dan(Pill).

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