What is College of Korean Medicine?

The College of Korean Medicine consists of the same six-year system as the College of Medicine (two-year preparatory course, four-year main course)
A total of 12 Korean Medicine Colleges(11 private universities, 1 national university) produce about 700 Korean Medicine doctors every year

College of Korean Medicine (11 Private Universities, 1 National University) Six-Year System (General Practitioner - Specialist) Maintenance Education in accordance with the Medical Law Korea Institute of Korean Medicine Education & Evaluation
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To Become a Korean Medical Doctor

Upon passing the National License Exam (Traditional Korean Medical Doctor’s License Examination) and obtaining a traditional Korean medical doctor’s license, each doctor must complete a mandatory annual refresher education conducted by the government.

Qualification as a Korean Medicine Specialist can be obtained by passing a National Exam (Traditional Korean Medical Doctor Qualification Exam) upon training (1 year as a general intern, 3 as a specialist intern) at a nationally designated training hospital practicing Traditional Korean Medicine.

(specialized subjects : Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Korean Medicine (Womens Diseases), Pediatrics of Korean Medicine, Neuropsychiatry of Korean Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine, Ophthalmology of Korean Medicine, Otolaryngology of Korean Medicine, Dermatology of Korean Medicine (Skin care), Korean Medicine Rehabilitation, Sasang Constitutional Medicine (Constitutional Diagnostic))

The standardization and quality improvement of Korean medicine education

The Korea Institute of Korean Medicine Education & Evaluation is in charge of evaluation and certification for the standardization and quality improvement of Korean medicine education

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Possible careers

Possible careers include a military career (military doctor/public health doctor), specialist courses, employment at medical institutions (traditional Korean medicine hospitals/traditional Korean medicine clinics/convalescent hospitals), private practice, etc.

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