harmony between humankind and nature

Traditional Korean Medicine utilizes various treatment techniques to maintain the structural balance and functions of the human body guided by an underlying premise to ensure the “harmony between humankind and nature.”

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Traditional Korean Medicine Treatments

Traditional Korean Medicine Treatments often involve Acupuncture Techniquesm, Moxibustion techniquesm, Cupping Techniquesm based on drug treatment and meridian theory, and physical therapy such as Chuna, Osteopathy, Massage and Meditation, Qigong(Therapeutic touch) Treatment are also popularly used in Traditional Korean Medicine.

Traditional Korean Medicine focuses on the basic properties of the human body and the specific pathological reactions that can create disease in an individual rather than the disease itself.
One of the important foundations of Traditional Korean Medicine is the “Sasang constitutional medicine” Theory, which divides human beings into four constitutions and lists diseases often associated with each constitution along with possible treatments.

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