MIMI Korean Medicine clinic

TEL 02-6952-3130

AddressSongpa-daero 414


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Women's Korean Medicine Clinic
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- For women's beauty&health, MIMI Korean medicine clinic
- MIMI Korean medicine clinic provides professional and systematic treatment services for female diseases

Medical information and contact information

- Women's Korean Medicine Clinic
- Anti-ageing Beauty Clinic
- Weight Loss Clinic
- Accident&Work Injury Clinic
- Brain Health Clinic

TEL 02-6952-3130

Medical field

Obstetrics and Gynecology of Korean Medicine (Womens Diseases), Dermatology of Korean Medicine (Skin care), Obesity

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The gynecological treatment room provides specialized treatment for cervical diseases. Use vaginal enlargement, cervical cancer, sex media infection, disposable vagina, and disposable examination skirts. It is a medical institution dedicated to sexual violence designated by Songpa-gu Office.

Use high-quality clean medicine and purified water to make soup. It is safe from bacteria and environmental hazards by using special sanitary aluminum wrappers to pack high-temperature and high-pressure treatments.

Specialist treatment, senior professor of gynecology at Gachon Universitys Korean Medicine College, and outpatient professor of Korean Medicine womens medicine at Dongguk University. We provide professional and systematic medical services for womens diseases.

Products & service

We provide you with safe and diverse Korean Medicine products and medical services.


Premium One Air Defense Diagnosis.

Mimi Clinic's premium one-air defense diagnosis is prepared directly in the room of Mimi Clinic. The original air defense diagnosis of Minmi Clinic is prepared with 1 ring "5g or more". The civet per pill is prepared with "100 mg. It is a "wonbang" Gongjin consisting of only musk, deer antlers, corn milk, and donggwi by insisting on wonbang without adding medicinal herbs. Compositional medicinal herbs: genuine musk, Russian deer antlers, domestic donkey, domestic Sansuyu, 99.9% gold

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