Gyeongbokgung Kyunghee Korean Medicine clinic

TEL 02-738-1075

Address4 Jahamun-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


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Gyeongbokgung Kyunghee Korean Medicine clinic is located right next to Gyeongbokgung Station, Subway Line No. 3 Due to the close proximity with the palace and Gwanghwamun, the visitors can receive treatment and enjoy sightseeing at the same time.
Four doctors from Kyunghee University jointly provide care. With the head doctor who is an acupuncture specialist and a doctor of KOREAN MEDICINE, we provide the optimal solution for our patients and undertake to provide high-quality medical service to them.
Especially, we are specialized in KOREAN MEDICINE-based obesity treatment. Under the motto of ‘healthy diet,’ we do our best to achieve the two objectives of losing weight and promoting health.
In the field of KOREAN MEDICINE cosmetics, we use Maeseonchim to pull up the sagging parts of the face and fill up dents.

Medical information and contact information

365 days of treatment.
Weekdays. AM9-PM9.
Holiday AM9-PM5.

TEL 02-738-1075

Medical field

Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Korean Medicine Rehabilitation, Obesity

Available language

It is specialized in treating Korean Medicine obesity. Gyeongbokgung Kyunghee Korean Medicine으 Clinics Gastric Contraction Program and Yoyo. The Prevention Program helps you achieve both weight loss and health promotion goals.

Korean Medicine plastic surgery is also performed. The medical special uses a vacancy (PDO) to pull up the sagging part and fill in the turned off part. It helps improve facial asymmetry and facial contour.

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