Liwoo Korean Medicine Clinic

TEL 02-2038-3420

Address95 Seocho Jungang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul


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Liu Korean Medicine Clinic helps patients overcome the disease on their own. Correct each individual's wrong lifestyle that caused the disease and treat the problematic book function. Pursue the right treatment to restore one's healing ability based on improving immunity. Korean Medicine puts people at the center and thinks about the harmonious health of the body and mind in the flow of life and death. Rio Korean Medicine Clinic, including children's atopy, growth, cold, obesity, thyroid, insomnia in youth, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in old age, helps prevent and treat diseases according to individual characteristics.

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Reservation, herbal medicine, personalized treatment.

TEL 02-2038-3420

Medical field

Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Pediatrics of Korean Medicine, Sasang Constitutional Medicine (Constitutional Diagnostic), Obesity

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Rio Diabetes Clinic Find and treat the root cause of diabetes.Our body aims to control blood sugar on its own.

I seek treatment that restores my healing ability by finding my bodys problems and lifestyle that causes Rio Immune Promotion Clinic disease.

Identify an individuals physical condition and psychological characteristics in the flow of personalized clinic life soldiers to accurately diagnose the cause of the disease and set effective treatment directions.

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