KIMJUNGKUK Korean Medicine Medicine Clinic

TEL +82-2-552-8878

Address3F., 108, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


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‘Diet’ and ‘Post Plastic Surgery Care’

KIMJUNGKUK Korean Medicine Clinic analyzes the cause of obesity and dietary habits of individuals to provide sound dietary criteria.
In addition, KIMJUNGKUK Korean Medicine Clinic provides patients with KOREAN MEDICINE prescriptions to assist rapid healing of scars, skin regeneration, and removal of blood delays, and swelling, with a view to restoring your beauty.

KIMJUNGKUK Korean Medicine Clinic pursues the value of healthy beauty.

We help you with your pleasant diet experience.
- No excessive workout
- No excessive suppression of appetite
- No YoYo.

Medical information and contact information

Clinic information
Head doctor Jungkuk Kim, Treatment Team Leader Sejin Shin
Hours During week days 10 am to 7 pm/ Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm / Closed on Sundays

Departments: KOREAN MEDICINE internal medicine, obesity treatment, KOREAN MEDICINE cosmetics Maeseon

TEL +82-2-552-8878

Medical field

Internal Medicine

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Products & service

We provide you with safe and diverse Korean Medicine products and medical services.


Consultation + test + prescription (special concoctions and pallets)

one month / three months

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