Dongguk university medical center

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Address27, Dongguk-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


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Dongguk University Medical Center is a hospital that was established by Dongguk University, which has been the protector of tradition for the past 100 years. And, we are a hospital that is prepared for the next 100 years.
At the same time, we are a digital hospital, where the west meets the east through the continued study and dedication, to open a new road for the future.

Ilsan hospital opened in 2005, when we established an integrated medical information system that joined western medicine and Traditional Korean Medicine for the first time in the world.

Currently, this hospital is composed of 33 departments, 47 specialized clinics, and 11 specialized centers. We also opened a medical laboratory in 2006 and a clinical test center in 2008, further contributing to healthcare and its progress. In 2007, we succeeded in cochlear implantation for the first time in Northern Gyeonggi region and the first endoscopic thyroidectomy through axillary fossa for therapeutic and aesthetic effects.

Each department of our organization is working as a team to operate specialized centers, such as the cardiovascular center, cancer center, stereotactic surgery center, western/Traditional Korean Medicine ICU to treat brain damages, and thyroid center, etc., for the sake of the effective treatment of patients and improving customer satisfaction. Especially, we have been designated as the ‘Korean Brain MRI Data Center’ for establishing the Korean brain MRI standard to treat ischemic strokes in 2011.

Our health improvement center provides one-stop service systems which allow patients to be admitted and hospitalized on a same-day basis while providing treatments that are rooted in both western and eastern medicine in a relaxed atmosphere.
The hospital has been certified for its safety level for patients and the quality of medical services by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2011.
We also continue to improve our practices by operating an international healthcare center for the convenience of foreign patients. Especially, our Goyang Biomedi Convergence Campus has been established around our Ilsan Medical Center of Dongguk University.

And, Goyang Medi Cluster, which combines medical facilities, medical welfare towns, and corporate laboratories will be completed soon.
In our state-of-the-art research environment, Dongguk University Medical Center will become the centerpiece of Goyang Medi Cluster and lead the medical companies of the future.

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TEL +82-31-961-7027

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