Wooasung Korean Medical Clinic

TEL +82 2 538-4425

AddressF2, DaewooYangjae theOville, 256, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06266, Rep. of KOREA


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Wooasung Korean Medical Clinic provides a superb solution to solve the problems of children. We analyze the problems with traditional medicine and provide the optimal treatment that is suitable for the current situation and environment of the patient.
Also, we seamlessly coordinate with the [Happy Human Precocity Lab] as we endeavor to ensure the health and wholesome development of a child. The key target for our treatment effort at Wooasung Korean Medical Clinic is [Human Precocity].

Then, we provide treatment for [child obesity] and [developmental disorder] which are related to human precocity. In addition to diseases, we help children with psychological growth. For this purpose, we created a space and medical system in cooperation with child psychology experts. Wooaseong allows the children to enjoy the atmosphere as they receive treatment. As a result, the parents are highly satisfied with the treatment, and the profit rate is increasing as well.

Dr. Euna Jeong, who has been studying pubertal precocity over the years, is now being referred to as an expert in this field by various media. With the clinical know-how we accumulated over the years as I treated pubertal precocity, now I am teaching as a Traditional Korean Medicine faculty member at Kyunghee University, training young students with my best efforts.

“As a mother of two, as a woman, and as a Traditional Korean Medicine doctor, I will do my best to restore the minds and bodies of our children.” - Euna Jeong

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TEL +82 2 538-4425

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Pediatrics of Korean Medicine, Obesity

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