Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine

TEL +82 (2) 3218 2225

Address536 Gangnamdaero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


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Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine is the largest network of hospitals in South Korea for the treatment of spine disorders without surgeries.
We are a medical group that is composed of more than 20 hospitals or clinics in South Korea and the United States.
Also, we have 30 specialized clinics where 400 doctors are endeavoring to provide the best treatment to our patients.

Jaseng Traditional Korean Medicine, chuna surgery, Shinbaro Traditional Korean Medicine, and other non-invasive treatments of Jaseng has been treating 150,000 patients, with more than 1 million treatment sessions every year.
With more than 20 years of experience, Jaseng takes pride in being the leader of Traditional Korean Medicine treatment of spine diseases.

We have been endeavoring to provide ‘scientific’ explanations for our treatment through abundant data and published the results of our studies in many domestic and international journals.
Jaseng is working hard to become the best hospital in the field of spine diseases and focus on treatment and study so that we can provide the best treatment to all.
We take pride in being able to tell our patients that there are non-surgical options for spine diseases.

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TEL +82 (2) 3218 2225

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